I recently witnessed someone I highly respect (@Hacksec) refer to someone as "Greatness."  The thing is, I had walked into the room and had casual conversation with this person without the slightest idea of who he was.  

Without the context that would have enabled me to recognize greatness, I was reduced to seeing this person as another person attending the same event that I was attending with whom I should make polite conversation.

That experience reminded me that sometimes greatness just is, whether we recognize it or not.

Albert Einstein
Please allow me to introduce the visionary of SOC2. 

Chris Halterman.  


"Every time a seismic shift takes place in our economy, there are people who feel the vibrations long before the rest of us do, vibrations so strong they demand action-action that can seem rash, even stupid." - Excerpt from the Time magazine article accompanying Jeffrey Preston Bezos' Person of the Year Award in 1999

I believe that Chris Halterman is such a person.

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  1. There had been many great personalities like them which have done a lot for this country. I am admirable for those who are doing this for the sake of others which are progressive.